BEAM Robotics- based on Nervous Network Technology

5M 2 is a 5 motor walker based on Mark Tilden's original Vbug 1.5 Walkman. Well, sort of anyways.
I also want to say that TILDEN DIDN'T GET THE ESCAP MU915L MOTORS from SONY WALKMAN WMD6Cs. I have one of these machines, and They DO NOT use those motors. In fact, the only thing which Tilden(that I can see) used is the front fascia panel from the WMD6C (metal panel which says "WALKMAN") as Vbug 1.5's cover. It is unclear what electronics components were used as well.

This version of the robot features some changes. It has a similar planform and mechanical layout to Mark Tilden's original Walkman. It features an Auto PNC argument uCore. This means it is self starting,
and that the Nvs have resistor "arguments" which can be changed. This is utillised to create a running behaviour, triggered by a butt sensor. It also has an angle of attack sensor, triggered at resettable angles.
It causes the robot to reverse.

5M2 Schematic 5M2 Planform
5M2_schem2.png .jpg

Eagle .sch file: 5M2 schematic


5M2 was built with what ever could be found at the time. The resistors, eyes, a socket, diodes, and capacitors were salvaged from a VCR.


  • Case cut from DVD player chassis [top and bottom covers]

  • Brass terminal blocks [motor-shaft mounts]

  • Brass welding rods [legs]

  • Chrome-steel Paper clips [head]

  • Fine brass wire (tactile sensors)

  • Brass tubing (tactile sensors)

  • Gearmotors [salvaged from scrap, but SB sells them], modified Eflite S75 servos [removed electronics only, cut casing].

  • Perf Board [isolated pads, a scrap end cut from a previous project]

  • IDE cable [connecting wires]

  • Li-Po pack assembled from assorted Lipo cells


  • Crab-walking, hard turning, reversing, turn and reverse, phototaxis, running


  dimension /mm
length 140
width 15



  • Must buy gearmotors to complete robot.

  • Finally bought motors to complete 5M2 - 11/07/2011

  • Finished subframes and battery installation -11/11/2011




Well here are some pictures of the robot. All you need to do is to click on the picture and a pop-up window will load showing it to you! These are very hi resolution phots, I think 2048 x 1537. Enjoy and there are many more to come.

These photos are at the moment only of the robot during it's construction phase later on, I will add the completed machine.

5M2 Photographs
images/Robots/5M2/IMG_3185.JPG IMG_3186.JPG IMG_3187.JPG
IMG_3188.JPG IMG_3189.JPG IMG_3190.JPG
IMG_3191.JPG IMG_3192.JPG IMG_3193.JPG
IMG_3194.JPG IMG_3195.JPG IMG_3196.JPG
IMG_3197.JPG IMG_3198.JPG IMG_3199.JPG
IMG_3197.JPG IMG_3198.JPG IMG_3199.JPG
SDC10548.JPG SDC10558.JPG SDC10559.JPG
SDC10547.JPG SDC10555.JPG SDC10547.JPG


Pictures are worth 1000 words, but just how much is a video? Well that depends simply on the fps of the movie, so as each frame is a picture, simply carry out this calculation: words= (fps x movie time in seconds) x 1000.....