BEAM Robotics- based on Nervous Network Technology

Spyder shares the name of Mark Tilden's orignal Vbug 1.1 Spyder, but the similarites end there. This robot uses a different Nv net, has different behaviours, sensors...


Vbug 1.1 Spyder Vbug 1.1 Spyder
Spyder.jpg MWT_Spyder.jpeg

Vbug 1.1 Spyder was one of Mark Tilden's original BEAM robots, using his Nv/Nu neuron architecture. It was a four legged walker, with 2.5DOF per leg.

Work is to be done in the following areas:

Mechanical analysis and design Analysis complete, design in progress
Nv net design and evaluation [in progress] in progress
Motor driver design [in progress] Complete
Parts List * in progress
Sensor integration * ?

* Original Parts list for Vbug 1.1 compiled by Kyle, edited for actual component values.
This list is for the replica